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More Monthelie power

Les Clous from Buisson-Dupont
Published:  March 24, 2008

Okay, I admit this is not my favourite Monthelie and not as grandiose as the famous Douhairet sisters, but it is captures nicely one of the characteristics some people love about Burgundies: a clear lucid colour belying a nice, full finish. Daniel Buisson-Dupont is in Mersault. I wonder if he is related to Buisson-Battault? I don't know his Meursault, but a quarter of his small production is Monthelie red; this 2000 Monthelie is simple and elegant, with just enough pinot noir power at 13%. Not the kaleidescope of flavours of a bigger Burgundy, but just enough complexity there to complement a fine lunch. C+

(Well, if ever there was a wine that improved, this is it. See here)

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